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At the beginning of 1848, a carpenter named James Marshall was working on building a sawmill near Sacramento, California when he found gold.

Although he and his employer tried to keep the discovery quiet, news started to spread.

Am such just a simple, honest and god fearing girl, am so soft and fragile just as my name signifies thats why i dont ever want to be hurted. love to listen music more often during leisure time. Because I don't expect anything from anyone, Expectations always hurt ..

i love travelling round the countries and experiencing the different cultures of the world. I m a beautiful girl aged 18 yrs, but i dont think that i will get married. my dreams is to help the needy and poor and take care of the orphans who has nobody in this life!

When my son discovers girls, the last thing I want him to do is invest his heart and mind on fool’s gold. However, teenage boys (and plenty of men) will chase flash without considering what is below the surface.

But, in December, President Polk confirmed the abundance of gold in California. The hope-filled prospectors looking to strike it rich became known as “The 49ers”.Sam Brannan, a shop owner in nearby San Francisco, looked to cash in, not by mining but by selling equipment to prospectors.He initially announced the great gold hope in the streets and then he sent publications east.The thing I would tell my son to look out for is how she speaks about people.Is she nice to people when they are around, but speaks badly about them when they leave? She cares most about surface things and first world problems, namely involving her.

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  1. “Any relationship that forms is more likely to be based on a shared value system, the same interests, the same legwork as opposed to a relationship based on chemistry alone, which, as we all know, is the quality that tends to fade first in a relationship.” The cheapest dating sites offer a smorgasbord for customers to browse, with thousands of men and women claiming a GSOH and posting out-of-date photos.